Monday, June 23, 2014

The Matrix Revolutions Review

If you believe you are a fan of the entire Matrix trilogy because you enjoyed them all to some degree upon their initial release in theaters, don't watch them all over the course of one weekend as a way to reevaluate your stance. The good news is, I doubt many of you are believers in the entire Wachowski vision for Neo, Trinity, Morpheus and the whole gang of dirty Nebuchadnezzar dwellers, as it seems relatively universal that what started with a modern science fiction masterpiece quickly went down the toilet in 2003 when we were hit with not one but both sequels in the same calendar year.

Perhaps went down the toilet is a tad strong because honestly, neither Reloaded nor Revolutions are awful films, but when closely compared to the way our minds were blown the first time around it is difficult to tone down the rhetoric to the proper level. The reason I advise against watching them all in such a short span of time the way I just did is, just how big of a fall from the first film to the third is jarring, a mind still coming down from the high of The Matrix tragically crash lands when faced with the drab and dull events of the Revolutions. The film is meant to be an epic conclusion to this amazing story and yet at times it feels so lifeless, especially as the focus is constantly on other side characters I couldn't even begin to give a shit about when the most interesting pieces of the trilogy are relegated to the sidelines.

The dialogue was so unique and interesting in the first film, a screenplay that was a breath of fresh air due to its originality, and yet here I found much of it so clunky and predictable. Honestly, at times it is almost hard to believe that the two films are related in any way because tonally they feel so different and the craftsmanship had taken such an enormous step backwards. While the second film was without a doubt a major disappointment, at least it did feel like an extension of the first film, just one that tried so damn hard to be a new level of cool that ironically it felt lame and phony, where I was wondering if perhaps they went over their neat sunglasses budget. This third film just felt totally off to the point that if I didn't know any better, I would assume the Wachowski's were only running the show for the first two films and then they were replaced by someone totally different to close it out.

The Wachowski's have dazzled me with the first Matrix film and the criminally unappreciated masterpiece Cloud Atlas. They have surprisingly entertained me with the glow of bright neon and an awe inspiring, innovative look at racing cars with Speed Racer. They have made me scratch my head in confusion over why they let their egos get the best of them with The Matrix Reloaded. This here, The Matrix Revolutions, is their true turd thus far, but in a way I can spin that as a compliment because even this film I don't hate. On the surface I am mildly entertained by various moments in the film and I will always find some appreciation in any sort of original work of science fiction, but no question an opportunity was squandered considering the incredible vision they initially presented to the world.

Another look at the bright side for the long term prospects of The Matrix Revolutions? Jupiter Ascending has been delayed until next February. Might a new king turd take the throne? We'll just have to wait and see.


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