Friday, August 22, 2014

Green Lantern Review

How can you make a film like this, see the finished product and feel proud of it? Is that possible, or do you think even those involved in Green Lantern were embarrassed when they witnessed what all of their hard work created?

For years now I have heard countless people complain about Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern. After finally seeing this film, I don't understand why so much hatred is aimed towards him. Does he deserve any awards for his performance? Absolutely not. Was he the worst aspect of this extremely poor film? Not even close. Literally any actor on the planet could have been cast as the lead in this film and it still would have been terrible. Put this project in far more competent hands with Reynolds still playing Jordan and I'm certain a pretty solid film could have come from it.

Oh, and what the fuck was with the special effects? I felt like I was watching an episode of that shitty show on TNT Falling Skies. I had to google the production budget on this film and somehow 200 million dollars was spent on this turd. How? Where did the money go? Did Tim Robbins demand a 188 million dollar paycheck for this?

I only watched this because my daughter asked if we could, and she left the room after about 25 minutes. Smart kid.



  1. What i hated the most if the rings constructs. They were supposed to be laser like, well defined green hard light holograms. Not blurry, smokey, plastic looking objects. Something like lightsabers and the bikes of TRON. not smoke everywhere.

    and they were supposed to spend more time on Earth the first time around, let him be Superman first, and later on introduce Parallax, a fourth movie villain.

    It was like making Rocky Balboa fight Ivan Dragon in the first fight.

    1. Interesting Victor, I will be totally honest, I knew very little about the character or his history entering my experience with the film. So I was judging it solely on its craft, and what I saw was rather poor as you see from my review, haha.

      Thanks for your insight, appreciate it, and thanks for reading!

  2. Being a major Green Lantern fan I just had to watch this when it came out in theaters, two good things came out of that: 1. the theater that showed it was selling green lantern comics so I bought like 10 of those before going in, and 2. the last 3 seconds of the film when Sinestro puts on the yellow ring.

    Other than that, I could feel my braincells dying watching this, it wasn't until later that I discovered that it was written by my least favorite screen writer, although now I may have a new least favorite screen writer. Anyway, they definitely bit off way more than they could chew, and what the F is up with that studio and making villains clouds?

    1. braincells dying is a pretty appropriate way or reacting to this one Cody, haha.

      Curious who your current least favorite screenwriter is?

    2. That would have to fall to Skip Woods. I have no idea why studios keep giving him big films to write, but his last five films were: Hitman Agent 47, Sabotage, A Good Day to Die Hard, The A-Team, and X-men Origins: Wolverine.

    3. Oh my goodness. Haha that I had no idea.