Sunday, August 3, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Last year, I fell in love with Pacific Rim and my exact reasons why were difficult to put into words. The joy I felt from the experience was reminiscent of how I felt when I was in awe of a film as a child, a tiny version of me staring up at the majestic screen as if there was nothing else in the world that mattered. Some may watch a film like Pacific Rim and deem it too silly to take seriously, and I can appreciate that and respect their opinions, but the magic that washed over me during those two hours cannot be overstated. It was the most blissful big screen experience since I was able to go see the Star Wars trilogy when it was re-released in the late 90's.

You might be wondering, why is this turd still talking about Pacific Rim

That magic I felt just a year ago came flooding back earlier today when I got a chance to witness Guardians of the Galaxy on an IMAX screen. Fuck I love this film.

My first ever perfect score for a film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so obviously I don't even need to say the obvious, but I will anyways: despite totally friggin' loving The Avengers and The Winter Soldier, this is the best thus far. Guardians of the Galaxy managed to balance the many laugh out loud moments with some genuinely tender sequences and thrilling action set pieces. Oh, and holy balls what a gorgeous film to look at. I was mesmerized multiple times, where I was grinning like a fool just admiring the incredibly detailed frames. 

I mean, shit, I had tears in my eyes during the first five minutes, and those tears came back on a couple other occasions later in the film as well. I didn't anticipate this from the wacky trailers and television spots. I expected the laughs, but the tears? Nope, didn't plan on those visiting, but I am not ashamed. I was so excited to actually be moved by a film featuring a talking tree and raccoon. 

Speaking of those characters, color me impressed at the amazing way they were developed without dragging out the narrative with flashbacks or back story overkill. The amazing script by writer/director James Gunn and co-writer Nicole Perlman knew exactly how to make the audience deeply care for the pain each character felt because of past tragedies without wasting too much time shedding light on exactly how those events played out. Even Groot, a talking tree who only says "I am Groot" throughout managed to be remarkably charismatic and lovable. It certainly isn't easy to pull off what Gunn did with these mostly unknown characters and make them totally accessible to any person of any age, but the craft of this entire work is quite the achievement.

For all these reasons, along with an outrageously fantastic selection of music throughout, Guardians of the Galaxy is without question the most fun I have had with a film thus far in 2014. I already have plans to go back with a buddy and see it on Tuesday, and I'm pathetically excited just thinking about it. 


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