Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Review

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is probably my second favorite of all time behind the original trip to a galaxy far, far away, and each year I revisit all three films over a short span of time. As the desire to do so came bubbling to the surface recently with the release of the final Hobbit film due out, something strange occurred to me regarded the timing of my yearly Frodo journey. For some reason I seem to always do so around this time of the year, when the temperatures dip below freezing outside, and I have never really considered why that is.

A part of me wondered if it is merely a coincidence, that due to the daunting nature of navigating through 10 hour of Middle Earth wandering, the fact that I watched it late in the year a few years back meant I would need to wait the full year each time to find the urge to do it again. This is a possibility, sure, but as I sat here tonight watching The Two Towers I happened to hear a noise outside that alarmed me a bit, so I peaked out to take a look. When I did, I felt the cold air hit my face and I immediately appreciated the warmth and comfort of my home, and it might sound silly but I think this moment perfectly describes why I crave these films during these latter months on the calendar.

The Lord of the Rings are the type of grand, epic cinematic experiences that represent comfort to me. I recall as a child, every year on the eve of holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, I would sit down in my pajamas, pull up a blanket and watch a movie, and it was never something small in scope or low budget. Despite merely sitting on the couch like I could any other day, these circumstances felt special, a moment that needed a movie that felt more like an event that something minimalist. The Lord of the Rings films aren't merely great, they are the type of spectacular storytelling that make me feel like that kid again, wanting to shut off the rest of the world and allow myself to be swept away.

Much to the surprise of many, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers is my favorite installment of the trilogy. Disregarded by some as merely being "the middle chapter" after the incredible start to their journey and the epic conclusion, I find The Two Towers to be storytelling perfection, beautifully paced with every single second of its running time managing to be meaningful and imaginative. Oh, and my goodness, the Battle of Helm's Deep...I simply cannot look away from the screen during its entirety. It is pure magic.


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