Sunday, February 8, 2015

Kick-Ass Review

For reasons I cannot fully explain, I never gave Kick-Ass a chance until now. With the release of Kingsman: The Secret Service approaching soon, I was told to brush up on Matthew Vaughn's stylistically similar previous film, with both works also based on Mark Millar graphic novels. I bought a super cheap used copy of Kick-Ass on Blu-ray, sat down and gave it a spin, expecting silly entertainment.

Silly? Sure is, but don't take that word as a negative. I don't mean to demean this movie as something lesser by calling it silly. It is supposed to be silly. What would a film like this be if it took itself too seriously? It would be a failure. Matthew Vaughn knew exactly how to adapt the source material and the result is brilliantly, beautifully realized fun.

Entertainment? Kick-Ass is practically the definition of it. From the perfectly over-the-top performances, the ultra-violent insanity, and the unforgettable set pieces, I had a smile on my face that cannot be described with words. You know the type of smile I am referring to? The ear to ear stupid looking grin that almost hurts your face due to its intensity, yet you can't control it. Why would you want to control it? Life can be such a bummer at times, from trivial things like having to go to work all day to actually tragic occurrences that can define your mentality for weeks, months, maybe even years. When you get an opportunity to feel like a kid again, to forget everything and lose yourself in a movie for two hours with a giant smile on your face, you do it. It's that simple. You do it.

I did it, and it was FANTASTIC.

When Kick-Ass was released, Chloe Grace Moretz was 13 years old. Her performance as Hit-Girl is crude, rude, and shockingly violent, and yet the morality in such a young girl playing this type of character never once troubled me, not even remotely. Whoever decided to cast her in this role, take a bow, because talk about perfection.

Matthew Vaughn directs the hell out of this film and leaves it all on the table, simultaneously exhausting me by the end and yet thrilling me to the point that I wanted more. I never expected to dislike the movie. I just expected mindless, silly entertainment, but I am blown away to discover it is so, so much more.

Kick-Ass just kicks so much ass. 



  1. I love Kick-Ass it was one of my fave films that year
    I watched Kingsman The Secret Service today [it started here last Thursday] Like Kiss-Ass it's a fun ride popcorn movie ive read close to 2 of the comicbook series [6 issues all up] and there are a few changes here and there
    Ive heard Kick-Ass is virtually shot for shot from the comic

    1. I can totally understand why this would be a fave, what a blast. I expected to have some fun with it, but I didn't expect to be totally blown away like I was.

      Haven't read any of the comics but now I want to. I never used to take the concept of Graphic Novels seriously until I read Watchmen.

  2. I love this film so much, from the acting, to the style, and even Cage's amazing way of speech when doning the Big Daddy costume, it it doesn't cease to impress me. My favorite scene in the whole film is when Hit-Girl has to save Big Daddy, and he's giving a "speech" as Hit-girl takes guys down using a strobe-goosebumps every time, every time.

    1. Absolutely, the strobe scene is my favorite as well. With you on everything you love about it, such a fun, well-conceived film.