Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Kingsman: The Secret Service Review

Everybody gather around, I want you to learn a little bit about who I am for a minute. My name is Scott Henry Anderson and I very rarely drink. I never feel compelled to, for me it's all about flavor, and the taste of liquor? Keep it, no dice. Beer, Bourbon, or Brandy? No, but you can slide a god damn delicious chocolate milk shake in my direction and my demeanor will reach status level bees knees.

As for my choices in personal attire, I am a comfort man, pure and simple. Right now I am sitting in a stiff shirt with a professional noose wrapped around my neck and it feels awful. I literally day dream about the process of changing clothes when I get home, as I walk in the door and within three minutes will have draped myself in what feels like a soft cloud of heavenly fabric, ready for rest and relaxation before doing it all over again the following morning.

I wanted to establish these personal preferences quickly to make a point about how friggin' cool the film Kingsman: The Secret Service is. As I sat back and gulped down the tasty treat by Matthew Vaughn last night, at multiple points during the film I wanted to both drink a glass of something harsh and brown yet elegant, and also go to a tailor and get fitted for a choice suit. Exclusively during those two hours, it just felt right.

The entire experience is, in a way, an exercise in going against a comfort zone, as the film is a bizarre mash up of British spy film, absurdist comedy and something lifted off the pages of a comic book, an ultra-violent, over-the-top slice of entertainment literally featuring exploding heads, and I had a blast watching it. There are a few jaw dropping set pieces that, combined with wonderfully clever musical choices to accompany them, are destined to become some of my favorite sequences of the year. No spoilers, but once you enter a crowded, hate filled Kentucky church, strap yourself in and get ready for something special.

I can't promise this film would work for everyone, as I am certain some would be turned off by the seemingly distasteful violence and silliness of the whole thing, but if this seems like your cup o' tea, go take a sip and see what you think. I would gladly go back and see Kingsman: The Secret Service again today if I could.  


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