Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Tree of Life Review

Before I really allowed myself to absorb the film The Tree of Life, before I opened my mind up and gave in to the experience, I didn't believe in miracles. I never really considered the big picture of existence or how beautiful the world really is. 

The Tree of Life made me realize how incredible it is to be able to wake up each day and simply exist. I watched my wonderful daughter sleep one night, so peaceful and beautiful, and I realized if I made one decision differently, she wouldn't be a part of my life. She would never have a chance to paint a picture, tell a story, give me a hug or tell me she loved me. She would never have a chance to make friends, ride a bike, or watch a film without a perfect fateful moment back in 2005, when I made a last second decision to go to a friends house on Valentines Day and a girl walked in, a face I never had laid eyes on before and may have never seen again if not for that night.

We could have never met, we could have broken up, we could have not decided marriage was the right decision yet, or we could have decided to wait to have children. If we went down a different path during any one of these moments, she would not exist, but she does. She is the most important, incredible thing I have ever known, and generations of my family and my wife's family had to make exact, perfectly executed choices for her to be a part of my life today. 

It's a miracle. The Tree of Life taught me that they exist.


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