Monday, March 23, 2015

Funny Games Review

I wake up on a weekend morning and I think to myself, I need to watch a film. I need something light and fun, the type of picture that puts an extra bounce in my step to carry me throughout the day.

A highly regarded film by Michael Haneke called Funny Games? Sold!

Uh oh.

This is a painfully brutal movie, one that tells the story of a nice, photogenic family on vacation at their cabin and then everything changes after a young man comes to their door and asks if they can borrow some eggs. It's harrowing stuff and while I admire the fact that on so many levels the film works the way it should, as my eyes were glued to the screen and I truly felt the pain of their experience, I would be lying if I said I "enjoyed" Funny Games. I didn't. It lingered in mind throughout the rest of the day, which in this case in not ideal.

I understand and appreciate what Haneke was trying to do here, to make a statement about the way violence is portrayed in society and the inclusion of the character of Paul breaking the fourth wall and addressing the audience was clever and interesting, but I still have to separate the two sides of the equation and weigh the quality of the craft against how I personally felt about the whole thing. I still don't feel quite right. 

A good film that I will likely never watch again.



  1. Avoid the US remake like The Ring, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and Let Me In there is another film in this mode which has slipped my mind its a film that was most likely remade because Americans are too lazy to read subtitles

    1. I agree with you on two of the three. I really think the Fincher Dragon Tattoo is far superior to the original.