Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Following Review

Sixteen years before he dazzled audiences with the ambitious film Interstellar, Christopher Nolan put out his debut film Following, and while the scope of his work continues to grow and the budgets of his blockbusters continue to balloon, the talent displayed with his first feature is undeniable.

Told rather rapidly in a non-linear fashion, Following for the most part focuses on two men, one named Bill who has a habit of following strangers for observation purposes, and another named Cobb who catches Bill in the act. Cobb is a burglar who decides to teach Bill about his breaking and entering techniques. Much like the visual palette of the film, nothing about these actors or the characters they are portraying are flashy, but for an extremely low budget feature (a whopping six thousand dollar production budget), all of the pieces fit together to make Following an enjoyable, twisty treat. 

This was my second time watching this Nolan thriller and it was just as much fun watching it all unfold again as it was the first time. Also, Following is hard to resist given its running time of only 70 minutes. Too tired to stay awake through a 150+ minute epic? Only a little while until you need to be somewhere? Are you a Netflix streaming subscriber? If any or all of these apply to you, give Following a look and see where it all began for one of the most famous directors working today.


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