Friday, May 22, 2015

Adult Beginners Review

It's a comedy!

Yeah, but it isn't funny.

It's a drama!

Yeah, but it isn't dramatic.

So what is it?!

Bad. Really bad.

Which is a shame, because talent it does not lack. Nick Kroll, Rose Byrne, Bobby Cannavale, Joel McHale, Josh Charles, Jane Krakowski, Paula Garces. All people who, when working with the right material, are capable of either putting a smile on my face or making me feel something, anything at all. I felt nothing during Adult Beginners. Nothing. Well, I guess that isn't true. I felt numb, dumb and bored. 

Jake (Nick Kroll) is a young hot shot entrepreneur on the verge of a massive financial windfall when his company crashes and burns the night before it launches. His life is in shambles and he reluctantly heads to the home of his sister Justine (Rose Byrne) and brother-in-law Danny (Bobby Cannavale) in hopes of finding a place to crash. He volunteers to act as their nanny for their 3 year old son Teddy, and then really nothing all that significant happens for the remaining 75 minutes. It's a real hoot.

Adult Beginners is groundbreaking cinema. You're not going to believe this, but when Jake first shows up at their home, he is arrogant and selfish and rude, but over time spent with his nephew he learns the value of family and kindness and love. I know, right?! Who comes up with this stuff?!

Everyone for years, that's who. This film has been done before, and not just once or twice but constantly and it's always bad. This is a movie that demonstrates about as much originality as buying a Whopper from Burger King, putting my own barbecue sauce on it and selling it for 9 dollars out of my garage. It will be cold and weird and soggy and I will call it Scott's Rodeo Burger.

I laughed once and I cared even less. Adult Beginners is a 90 minute waste of time. Adult Beginners is a cold, weird and soggy rodeo burger. 



  1. Totally agree, it's been done to death. Even the title is boring! Mostly Martha would probably fall into this category, but in my opinion it's the exception to the "always bad" rule. But it's a German film, so comparing apples to oranges, perhaps. Haven't seen (and never will) its U.S. ripoff.

    1. Mostly Martha eh? Another one I am yet to see Donna, I am loving these recommendations!

      Thanks again!