Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Creep Review

Just when I say I am done with found footage, a new one comes along that is impossible for me to ignore. Positive word of mouth, a short running time that feels like a breeze just in case it goes south in a hurry (as most of them do), and a story co-written by Mark Duplass who also stars in the film. Why not, right? Keep an open mind and consider the possibility that maybe, just maybe, a found footage film wouldn't be a total cringe worthy turd.

The film in question is titled Creep, a brand new horror film and a delightful little surprise. I knew pretty early on that this one at least had some hope to entertain because they actually found a way to make the found footage aspect of it seem at least sort of legit, which is my problem with the whole sub-genre these days. It worked with The Blair Witch Project and it still works with The Blair Witch Project even on revisits because I can still feel the chill I got from it way back when it was released, but now every single one of these releases feels so phony. I end up sitting there wondering, why are these people still filming? Why am I completely not buying into this absurd premise and cheap aesthetic?

Creep pulled me in and at least compelled me into believing in the gimmick because it found a clever way to write the camera and the constant filming as an actual plot point. Duplass plays Josef, a man who puts out a Craigslist ad looking for a videographer for a one day job, to film a video message for his wife and unborn child because he is dying. Aaron (played by director and co-writer Patrick Brice) answers the ad and takes the gig, but to say things don't play out as simple as it sounds and initially seems is an understatement. 

That is the entire cast of the film, those two actors who also collaborated on making the film and it shines in its simplicity. Without giving anything away about the plot and the rather disturbing direction it goes in, Creep is a very appropriate title for the picture and its difficult to not feel a bit unnerved and uneasy along the way. 

I'm still not sold on found footage. Actually, let me rephrase that to be more blunt: I still think found footage sucks, and the next ten I watch will probably be terrible. The biggest compliment I can give to Creep though is that because it was actually, surprisingly good, I will at least give those ten a chance.


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