Monday, April 18, 2016

Preparing for Civil War - 5 Favorite MCU Films

Some may be feeling the superhero fatigue, both from the volume of films being released from the sub-genre and also the vitriol being spewed from the fans from each side (call me an optimist, but I root for them all to be good), but I doubt any of this will harm the box office totals that are about to roll in for Captain America: Civil War. The film is going to be insane business, and from the look of it rightfully so because I am expected something special.

As this will be the 13th film released since the start of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it seems like a solid time to run down the best of the bunch, my personal five favorites thus far. I hope to amend this soon when I get a chance to see Civil War.

5. Iron Man

The one that started it all eight years ago. It seems crazy to think of all that has happened since the first Iron Man was released, seeing as how it isn't even an old film by any standards. The MCU has done a magnificent job of world building since it kicked off and Robert Downey Jr. has been the engine that made the whole universe go. The first Iron Man film also happens to still be the best Iron Man film.

4. Captain America: The First Avenger

This one being in the top 5 may surprise people because I know loving it is a somewhat unpopular opinion, but I think the introduction to Captain America is an absolute blast, beautifully standing up as an action packed superhero film and also a fun period piece. The aesthetic of the era really stands out and the chemistry between Chris Evans, Hayley Atwell, Tommy Lee Jones and Sebastian Stan gives the entire picture a heavy dose of charm. I have come to realize that Cap is my favorite Avenger and it all starts with this movie.

3. The Avengers

I still remember how much I doubted that this whole thing would really work when it all came together. I didn't quite appreciate just yet how the patience of Marvel to establish all of their characters before delivering the big show would pay off so wonderfully, but Joss Whedon found a way to balance all of the big personalities and make them each shine thanks to delicious dialogue and an exciting plot. So much fun, a Blu-ray I can put on anytime and just sit back, relax and admire the spectacle.

2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Prior to seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I had one major complaint about the MCU solo films: the villains. They never really did much for me, and that is such a let down. Ever since I was a kid, I loved being unnerved by a great bad guy. Enter the Winter Soldier, a kick ass character that owns the frame when he is a part of it and the entire film turned out to be absolutely terrific. I had such severe doubts about this movie because the choice of directors seemed so random and out of place, calling on Joe and Anthony Russo to take the helm when they had previously been focused on comedy, and yet they crushed an absolute home run here. Now I am thrilled that those same brothers have taken on Civil War and will also be behind the camera for the Infinity War

1. Guardians of the Galaxy

If a film based on a comic book wants to win my heart, it needs to feature a terrific script, outstanding characters and a stunning aesthetic. Guardians of the Galaxy fits the bill and thus is my favorite film from the MCU thus far. Endlessly clever and exciting and utilizing grandiose world building by writer/director James Gunn, I can't stop smiling watching Guardians and the fact that it also hits me pretty hard emotionally at times only adds another layer to why I love it so. This movie is one of those releases that exemplifies why I love going to the cinema.

Will Civil War push its way into my top 5? As I said earlier, I am an optimist and my anticipation for this one fits right into that mold as everything involved in the marketing and the proven talent involved tells me this is going to be a film I adore in 2016. Can't wait to see it, but for now revisiting these joyous MCU entries will have to do.


  1. My top 3 are: 3) Avengers, 2) Iron Man, and 1) Winter Soldier. Surprisingly, the only Marvel comic I regularly buy is Thor, but his movies haven't been up to the level of the others.

    1. Yeah the Thor films have been kinda entertaining but disappointing, especially The Dark World. Hopefully Ragnorak is better.

      I just bought the first issue of the new Black Panther and I really enjoyed it. Going to keep reading without a doubt.

    2. I really like the first Thor film. Annoyed that they said Magic is not magic and is actually science....but hey. The Dark World is so disgustingly awful to me. It's the worst Marvel film in my eyes and I just cringe thinking about it.

    3. I actually have Iron Man 2 as my worst MCU film, but The Dark World is a close second!

    4. Iron Man 2 has a lot of redeemable qualities and even tries to do stuff that other Marvel films wont touch, but yeah that's like my third or fourth to last in my list.

  2. My top 5 are:
    5. Guardians of the Galaxy
    4. The Incredible Hulk
    3. Thor
    2. Captain America: The First Avenger
    1. Iron Man

    1. Ah another big fan of CA: First Avenger I see. Excellent. Interesting that nothing has been able to top the first Iron Man for you.

    2. I absolutely love Iron Man. It's a great film that puts their characters first. I mean I think we don't get Iron Man until at least halfway through the film. No other Marvel film has been that character driven.

    3. The scene in Iron Man that always gets me is when he flies in the suit for the first time. I love the utter joy and amazement he has with it.

    4. I agree Cody. I would say the next closest character driven film in the MCU is the first Captain America. Builds up Rogers well before he even becomes Cap.

      It's true Nathan, there is a bit of magic in that first Iron Man with him learning to be a hero of sorts, straying away from the weapon manufacturing and stuff and seeing that amazement in his eye as you put it, that is missing from the future films involving the character.