Monday, January 30, 2017

The Small Screen: The Young Pope "Episode 4"

I don't know what it is, but I am drawn to religious storytelling and imagery when it comes to art. I haven't stepped inside a church in years and do not practice any sort of faith, but I do not begrudge anyone else finding peace and joy from such things and I am fascinated by the subject matter despite my personal lack of interest.

I have no idea if people are taking The Young Pope seriously yet, what with it basically being nothing more than a meme generator prior to the first episode airing, but if not everyone should be. This is a gorgeous, deep, meaningful, bizarre, blasphemous, insightful, impeccably made television series, and while every moment thus far has not been perfect, it has been bold and ambitious from the very beginning.

The fourth episode is probably my favorite thus far, featuring some impossibly beautiful scenes and pretty much perfectly conceived dialogue including plenty to chew on regarding faith and the fact that even the most devout people imaginable still have their moments of doubt in the existence of a higher power. I love when The Young Pope goes in this direction. It's easy to draw in an audience with shocking moments and controversial behavior from men of the cloth, but when I am most pulled in are those scenes featuring personal reflection and by the chilling conservatism of the lead character.

The best is still yet to come, isn't it? The Young Pope is going to get even better. I can't wait. On to episode 5.

Episode Grade: A-

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