Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Small Screen: Taboo Episode 6

Anyone who has been keeping up with my thoughts on each episode of the FX series Taboo knows that my expectations were high and have been consistently disappointed by a very well made show that just wasn't doing anything to keep me glued to the screen.

Finally, fucking finally I got an episode I had been hoping for all along, and it's about damn time considering it was the sixth of only eight total. Taboo is clearly beginning to ramp up and race towards its conclusion and while the early portions of this most recent episode felt like much the same, when it started to hit its stride, I was hooked.

War has been declared between the East India Company and James Delaney (Tom Hardy), and this excellently directed and tense episode finally managed to make the stakes of the story feel substantial. We get some murder, incest, explosions and haunting visions of a rather terrifying deceased mother, and all of it adds up to something I actually enjoyed watching quite a bit. Now I can actually look forward to next week when the penultimate episode airs, rather than the previous weeks of begrudgingly reminding myself that even as the story has slogged along, at least there has been a lot of good to see stylistically and with a really intricate production that successfully transports the audience to the era it is trying to represent.

Please let this not be an anomaly. If Taboo can end strong, I will remember the series overall fondly even if it did overall disappoint. I would even be excited for another season, should that happen.

Episode Grade: B+

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